The business of writing content has been a pleasant journey for our company, from being the very smallest and least noticeable of all who have wondered on the idea of providing good reading material for technology lovers to being one with a crowd following it from more than 50 countries on the planet. We have the advantage over all other companies in that most of our team members are below the age of 30 and are either far from being married or have just started a family. This makes our teams readily available for making changes that push both us and our readers ahead of time into the future.

The team behind the platform is dedicated to making each reader, subscribed or visiting, smile after experiencing a silent conversation with the words that have resonated with almost all readers since the magazine was established. The future for content has been pegged on mobile platforms and as such our content has been optimized to fit the hands of the millions who get to read it on a daily basis. The lots efforts that have been invested into the company have enable our reach to keep growing with each passing day.