Understanding the Work of IT Consultants in New York

IT Consulting New York


Many people struggle to understand what exactly that IT consulting entails. You probably know an IT consulting firm in New York but can’t tell what it is the firm does. Majority of people think IT Consulting New York is about fixing faulty computers and selling the good ones. While this is not entire wrong, it also does not quite accurately describe what IT consulting is all about.

Evolution of IT consulting

Years back, a company would have Computer Consultants, who were also known as Computer Technicians. It would also hire System Analysts. The computer technician would largely implement the goals map as drawn by the computer analyst.

The systems analyst would create the company’s IT road-map and the computer consultant would do the implementation of the road map. However, in today’s world, an IT consultant occupies both the computer consultant and the systems analyst positions.

In addition, the IT consultant serves as the IT project manager. In modern day, this is the form that IT Consulting New York has taken.An IT Consultant should have both the technical and social skills to do his work as well as explain the tasks to the client. IT Consulting New York is not limited to undertaking administrative tasks as was the case with systems analyst.

An IT consultant must also know how to get their hands dirty and carry out the actual tasks as they keep the client in the know throughout the duration of the project. Furthermore, he must have the insight of a systems analyst that looks at the project wholesomely with an understanding of how every task, big and small, contributes to the overall performance of the system.
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Collaboration in IT consulting through documentation

IT consulting firms that are successful in New York understand the importance of collaboration in every project they take up. That is why those firms make sure that everything is documented. This makes it easy for any other person to take over in the event that the person who was originally supposed to do the work is no longer available.

The owner could also need to know his way around the systems. Without proper documentation, the business owner would be in trouble if the IT guy was to disappear in the middle of the project.

Comprehensive IT consulting services

The basic tasks for New York IT consulting companies include:

  • Repair your computers
  • Configure your emails
  • Install your printers and other peripheral devices

The more advanced tasks for IT consulting New York firms include:

  • Offering offsite backup solutions
  • Designing a network
  • Implementing a network
  • Setting up new businesses with domains for their active directories
  • Helping businesses with cloud migration
  • Creating virtual private networks for multi site offices

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