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VPS Providers

Virtual private server (VPS) are the future of web hosting. A VPS works similar to a standalone server. A proper functioning VPS is one that specializes on online business only without the need to sell domain names, SSL certificates and other services. It should also give you full control over it. It gives you the power to customize your software and personal firewall securities. VPS provider selected is expected to perform exceptionally offering their services as per their customers’ requirements. In addition, they should be in the country since most of them claim to be there but their equipment are somewhere else.

VPS Providers

Let us have a look at some of VPS providers in Canada.

VPSVille Canada

Their equipment and servers are located in Toronto Canada. They compensate you fully if their network goes down. Their VPS allows you to have a complete private control over it regarding software and security policies. Their administration staff is well experienced in all system issues and they are always ready for their customers. Their confidence is so high that they give a 30-day money back guarantee on all services. They have also employed smart automation systems, which avoid the customer care support by giving you access to installs, backups upgrades and downgrades. Their panels are web based controlled making them affordable with many aspects.

Xen Cloud Servers

They are Linux VPS with Root Administrative Access, Optional Automatic Failover, 100% dedicated resources and almost 100% uptime guarantee. They best suit customers who are looking for more power and flexibility without incurring more cost. Each of their servers include Full Root Access, Choice of Operating System, unmetered bandwidth, geographic Distribution and Optional Control Panels. They are opened 24 hours every day to ensure convenience of the customer. Their VPS cloud are built on VMware virtualization technology, which has full support for both Windows and Linux operating systems.


They have been in the market since the year 2000. The offer a 24/7 support with an Emergency Technical Support. Data Locations in Toronto or Vancouver on redundant fibre connection to major net backbones. Their VPS gives the customer full root access to their latest Dual Hexa Core Xeon Servers. Their CPU/RAM/Port Speeds specs are guaranteed.


It is a fully managed VPS with technologically advanced control panels. Other specification include unmetered Traffic, Full root Access, 100% uptime, 350 and free scripts WordPress and more. They have a 45-day money back guarantee. In addition, they provide a 24/7 phone, live chat and Email support.

Canadian Web Hosting

This is one of the top Canadian web host with their data centres and servers being located in Canada. They provide unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth, Free Site Migration and 60-day money back guarantee. They have redesigned to offer maximum security and safer Cloud Hosting. Their new shared hosting servers have been built from ground and take into account today’s resource applications such as Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. They have incorporated the latest cloud technologies offering flexibility, reliability and cost efficiency.

Other VPS providers in Canada include Digital Pound, EGOCENTRIX, Fibrestack, Gotekky, HostBhai and HostHero among others. The list is endless. When choosing VPS service provider, choose one that serves you right giving you full access information and relevant files.

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